Knowledge is power. Luckily for you, you are in the digital era, and you can access as much information as you need. That goes all the way from how to add VPN to iPhone to how the New York Legislature operates. Focusing on legislation, New York is a state in the North-eastern United States, and one of the thirteen colonies that were initially formed in the United States.

The New York Legislature is composed of two houses, which play the role of the legislature in the state. Here is what you need to know about the New York Legislature.

Legislative houses

The two legislative houses are for the Assembly and the Senate. Members of the two houses are elected in November of every leap year. All the members of the legislative houses are citizens of the United States and residents of New York State for a minimum of five years. The Assembly holds 1501 members whereas the numbers in the Senate may vary.


The leadership roles in the New York Legislature is held by a Speaker and the President. The Assembly is led by the speaker whereas the Senate is led by the President: The Lieutenant Governor.

What are the roles of the President and the Speaker? Well, they are tasked with overseeing the assignment of committees and other leadership positions. They are also responsible for controlling the agenda of the chambers.

Constitutional powers

What constitutional powers does the New York legislature have? The legislature has been granted the ability to make law by the constitution. For instance, the governor is allowed to veto a bill. The Legislature, on the other hand, has the power to override the particular bill. Therefore, it would be correct to say that their power to make laws is subject to the governor’s power to veto a bill.

The legislature also has the power to propose constitutional amends through the action of a majority vote. When the Legislature proposes an amendment, it only becomes valid of a referendum approves of it through the act of voting.

 The Legislative Bill Drafting Commission (LBDC)

The Legislative Bill Drafting Commission (LBDC) is tasked with drafting legislation. How does this happen? For one, the LBDC advises on the constitutionality of the legislation. More so, it advises on the effect of the proposed legislation. It is the job of the commission to also conduct research on the same and publish and maintain legislation documents. The commission constitutes of two commissioners, which are one, the commissioner for Administration and the other one for Operations. They are both appointed by the leaders of the legislation, which are the President of the Senate and Speaker for the Assembly.Above are the main areas of the New York legislature that you need to be in familiar with.