The world of politics doesn’t seem to be the way it was over a couple of decades ago. Majority of these changes is due to the introduction of the internet into politics must especially social media. We are going be discussing how social media is been used to influence political elections, VPN as an option in protection against fake news and rumors among other things.

Politicians vying for positions with their loyal supporters continually post their opinions on Twitter and Facebook. Every one of these parties usually has their pages on these two platforms which they use in spreading propaganda and seek donations in order to achieve their goals. Below we want into detail in discussing some major roles of social media in today’s politics.

24 hours around the news

One of the ways social media has changed how politics is done is the speed of information on news, result polls and rumors are shared, if we compared to the times where there was no internet, interested individuals will need to hold on for the Television news show or news pepper in order to stay updated on what is going on, but with online no need to wait because it runs 24 hours every day the internet never sleeps.

The social media has even taken this a bit further. While is possible to access the latest news of various websites anytime you want, a lot of individuals usually spend more time on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook when compared with the way they do on other vital news or political sites. What this implies is that you are updated on news trending and comment with views shared by friends anytime you are online.

Impact on Political Polls

The role of political polls in politic is very crucial to campaigns. Often times they are misleading and confusing, due to the fact that at most occasions you often find different polls with conflicting results being posted almost at the same and time at that very same day.

  As with other forms of political information, the use of the internet has tremendously increased the amount of poll result we witness every day.  the coming in of social media has made the whole process, even more, faster, social media websites, not just report polls result if you feel like you could actually take part on Facebook polls.

Result from polls plays a major role in elections. This is right even a situation where they are flawed.  A poll could be considered as a self-fulfilling prediction. For instance, if people are of the opinion that a particular candidate is leading with high margin in the position they are vying for, they might just make up their mind that it will be pointless voting for the one with a lower figure. When a lot of individual are busy posting update of results polls in social media the whole day, it won’t come as surprise for one of the candidates to pull out and concede defeat to its opponent before the final result.

Access to Interact with politician directly

One great positive impact that social media has brought into politics is the privilege it gives to votes to freely interact with those candidate vying for position and those elected into office. Traditionally, on a normal day for you to meet a politician or those vying for positions, the available option will have to do with you participating in a live event which can only accommodate a few people. Thanks to modern day technology, you may not be there physically but can attend the event virtually via live streaming and interact freely with politicians and those vying for positions.

Fake News, Rumor Peddling and Conspiracies

Political campaign these days are now being influenced by all kinds of stories, whether they are true or false, that are been spread all over social media. As a result of this is now getting more difficult to differentiate the authentic news from the fake ones on the internet. Social media especially is not helping matters with the continual streaming of memes, links and rumors’ peddling concerning political leaders and those vying for the position is a combination of fact, speculation, lies, false stories, and satire.

Which a lot of website and social media platforms out there, spreading unconfirmed news in regards to political elections have become the order of the day, though there are Few sites that post authentic news, one way to stay secure and guide against fake news is through the use of VPN because it helps in guiding against suspicious site by blocking or warning you against them, ensuring you only browse safe and secure websites, while surfing online you won’t have to worry about is the source for where the political news is Authentic because VPN has already assisted you in taking care of that.